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About Me

profile picI have over thirty years of administrative experiences that have given me exposure to many different aspects of business.  Much of my experience is in the Food/Beverage/Snack/Bakery industry. I have worked with vendors in Grocery, Frozen, Beverage, HBC, GM, Candy, Snack and Bakery.  My customer experience is with almost every class of trade including Retail & Wholesale Grocery, C-Store and Mass Merchandisers.   Having supported three different business owners, I have often been able to work independently on their behalf and have become the “go to” person for many busy executives.

While my direct experience has been in a specific industry, the skills and knowledge I have gained from this experience can be applied to many industries.  I have a wide range of skills including managing business and keeping things running smoothly as well as in sales and marketing.  My experience includes, graphic design, customer service, marketing, sales presentations, quick books, web site design and general office tasks.  I have managed several office staffs and have managed sales at both wholesale and retail levels.  I am proficient with MS Office 2010 as well as many other popular software packages.  I recently added GIMP and WordPress to my experience.  You can view examples of my work on my Portfolio page.

Let me show you how my experiences can benefit you and your business.  Learning is an ongoing process and I look forward to learning your business and how it operates.

Linda Holton